Physical Activity Readiness Declaration Required COVID 19 Precautions & Assumption of Risk

My signature below verifies that I wish to participate in Beach Yoga and agree to the most recent CDC COVID 19 guidelines, to include
but not be limited to, maintaining a minimum of 6 foot distance from other students and not making physical contact with others during,
before and after class. I agree to not participate if I have been exposed to COVID 19 or If I have a fever, cold or other possible COVID 19 symptoms.
I understand Beach Yoga may include stretching exercise, aerobic exercise, body weight exercise and resistance exercise. I hereby confirm, I am healthy enough to participate in Yoga and it is my responsibility to obtain approval from my Physician
before I participate in any physical activity.
I realize that my participation in these activities involves some risk of injury and even the
possibility of death.
I will not hold Sarasota County or Beach Yoga liable for injury or illness as a result of this activity..